A2J Range

The perfect combination for virtual simulation and patient positioning in radiotherapy
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The redesigned mobile laser system HORUS to bring you even more precision for marking your patients. Available in 1, 3 or 5 mobile axis according to your needs, HORUS and HORUS CS control system are adapted to all work processes.


For accurate patient alignment in the treatment room. The new version of the LASERSTAR is more compact and fits all configurations.

LAP Range

Patient marking

LAP DORADO laser systems, associated with different versions of CARINA control systems, bring you maximum installation possibilities. You select the mounting version, the laser color and the control system. Offering various configurations and mounting options the DORADO laser system perfectly suits to meet any and all room requirements.

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Approved for MRI

Certified by an independent testing facility, the DORADOnova MR3T is the only laser system for patient alignment which fulfils MRI conditional requirement up to 3 Tesla.

Our laser system DORADOnova MR3T supports the crucial positioning process and ensures identical patient alignment at CT and MRI, for easy and precise image fusion for the treatment planning.

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Patient alignment

Fixed lasers of LAP are available in manual settings (ASTOR) or motorized settings (APOLLO). LAP APOLLO lasers guarantee the highest precision, accuracy and repeatability: with their long lines and 6 degrees remote control, they are perfectly adapted to current advanced treatments.

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Quality assurance

Water-based and water-equivalent phantoms are qualified to measure dose distribution since the human body consits mainly of water. For frequently recurring tasks in quality assurance, water-equivalent RW3 material is an integral and time-efficient tool for every medical physicist. 

Our EASY SLAB and EASY CUBE phantoms are made of RW3 and therefore perfectly suited for these requirements. By its modular design and various extensions the EASY CUBE phantom can also be used for so-called End-to-End QA tests to verify the whole treatment chain.

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